A Living Dog (english)


Lilja in A Living Dog

(Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version)

In July 2015 german writer-director Daniel Raboldt and cinematographer and production designer Thorsten Franzen began to develop a film that grew into a pet project for them.

A living dog“ – a full-length feature film that will be shot beyond the polar circle, in Finland.

Besides many other shortfilms, the duo has realized a sci-fi shortfilm called „The last survivor“ (with actress Siri Nase and actor Gerald Arp) in 2013 with a very small but efficient team and with almost no budget.

„A living dog“ is going to be a sci-fi / mystery film set in the  remote wilderness of Lapland.

But this time they’ll need a handful of dollars more. That’s why they are launching a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter.com in the next few days. Hopefully it will raise enough funds to realize this gritty and scary sci-fi movie.

A-living-dog-TomaszDaniel and Thorsten are convinced, that with today’s technological possibilities even with a small amount of money, amazing things can become a reality. It is possible to produce a professional, high-quality, entertaining film, as long as you’re working with dedication, experience and toil.

A-living-DogIn december 2015 Daniel Raboldt finished his screenplay for „A living dog“, which tells a dark, thrilling and dirty tale about a deserter from a cruel war against superior intelligent machines.

He meets a rebellious woman, the last survivor of her resistance group, who hasn’t given up all hope. She still has a plan up here sleeve to take a turn for the better in the struggle against the machines. A scheme that unavoidably collides with Tomasz’s plan of lying low and surviving…

Our crowdfunding campaign will be live until May, the 19th at 5 pm (MET) on Kickstarter. You can help us to let this awesome scifi film become a reality!

We’ll keep you updated!


Update: Watch the teasers for the film now!

  • Writer & director: Daniel Raboldt
  • Cinematography, concept and design: Thorsten Franzen
  • Production assistant: Axel Ricke
  • Set-Photography: Pia Beine